Memnun Makine Continues to Protect the Continuity Principle in Service

Kemal Memnun, General Manager at Memnun Makine

One of the most important participants of ITM Exhibition, Memnun Makine introduced raising, brush abrasive and HT Jigger dyeing machines. Being one of the global leaders in the industry in Turkey with textile dyeing and finishing machines they manufacture since 1979, the company exports to many countries the World.

Kemal Memnun, General Manager at Memnun Makine, said they are very ambitious ITM 2018, especially about the raising machine. Noting that they have received good feedback from clients for whom they have installed machines before the exhibition, Memnun said “Customers are very satisfied. We are slowly expanding abroad as well. We produced sanding machines in addition to the raising machine. It attracted great interest. There were some troublesome knitting fabrics, which was difficult to sand. We believe we have overcome this problem with our new machine. We’ve got very good results. We entered into an intense production afterwards.”

Reminding that they have some concerns regarding the upward moves in the exhange rate, yet the Turkish market improves for the better, does not stagnate, Kemal Memnun said “We are a company with exports making half of our sales. As a result, the increase in the currency exchange rate does not affect our sales. Other than Turkey, we mainly sell products to Iran, Egypt, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan.”

Having placed the principle of “continuity in service” as the basis of their company philosophy and attaching importance on after-sales support as much as the sales process, Memnun expressed that they are generally satisfied with ITM 2018.