Mersan Makine, Increases Its Export Volume by 30 Percent In 2021

Mersan Makine, which increased its production capacity by 50% and its export volume by 20-30% with the new production facility that is established in Çorlu Ergene, also expanded employment with its qualified teammates that it added to its management and production staff.

Mersan Makine, Increases Its Export Volume by 30 Percent In 2021

Çağatay Sümer, Managing Director of Mersan Makine

Mersan Makine stands out with its chain, felted sanforizing machine and rubber blanket sanforizing machine for open-width knitted fabrics, and the gauze machine for open knit woven fabrics. Mersan Makine, which established a new production facility in Çorlu Ergene due to the increase in machinery demands, continues its production with the 3-felt sanforizing machine, which it obtained the patent of during the pandemic period.

Increasing its export volume by 20-30% in 2021, Mersan Makine also increased its production capacity by 50% with the new production facility that is established in Çorlu. Stating that they want to improve their technologies to a higher level by investing not only in their sales but also in R&D and production techniques, Çağatay Sümer, Managing Director of Mersan Makine, indicated the following, ‘‘Our goal is not only to open up to new markets but also to maintain our position as a reliable associate and solution partner in the markets we are in.’’

Çağatay Sümer commented on the developments of 2021 and expressed the following statements, ‘‘We spent 2021 as a year where we did not slowdown in terms of investments and production, but on the contrary, we increased our manufacturing capacity. With the adverse effect of the pandemic, 2020 was a year dominated by uncertainties. As of 2021, a global upsurge occurred both in demand and stock requirements. In this period, we have taken important steps in terms of exports. Our export volume increased by 20% – 30% compared to the previous year. We established a new production facility and production line in Çorlu. We increased our production capacity by 50%. Together with our new production facility, we expanded in terms of employment. We expanded our management and production staff with qualified teammates.’’

‘‘We Received Machinery Orders from Different Countries of the World’’

Sümer answered our question about how they determined a roadmap for the ‘new world order’ that entered our lives after the pandemic outbreak, as follows: ‘‘I think the new order will lead to great changes in sales and marketing techniques. But I don’t think there will be any change in production techniques. In this period, we received machine requests from different countries around the world. We are working as hard as we can to keep up with them.’’

Stating that the pandemic provides companies with great opportunities for the development of company cultures and products, Çağatay Sümer stated that as Mersan Makine, they focus on R&D activities. Sümer continued his statements as follows: ‘‘In this period, we developed and patented our OWKF-E 605 (Equalized Open Width Felt Sanfor + Shrink F3) unit. It is now possible to increase your production speed with this product. With Shrink F3, we can provide 4-5% more shrink-proof finish to the fabric. Especially due to the design of our newly developed rubber blanket sanforizing machine, we have made it different from other fabrics by equipping it with extra shine, extra touch, and extra appearance. For knitted and woven fabrics, gauze is an outer surface treatment that beautifies the appearance and improves the properties of the forthcoming processes. The same process applies to the inner surface of the fabric. Thanks to the air-gas mixture coming out of two parallel water-cooled burners, we provide the cleaning process by burning the excess fibers on the fabric, thanks to an uninterrupted continuous flame band. At the same time, the gauze machine provides the desired process in the healthiest way for rotary printing and partial printing. It removes the fibers on the fabric. This increases the print quality and reduces wastage. It saves energy, water, time, and chemicals.’’

‘‘We must imrpove our technologies to higher levels by investing in R&D’’

Reminding that imported machines were more attractive for many manufacturers until the last 5-10 years, Sümer explained, ‘‘In recent years, many manufacturers say that domestic machines provide a much more comfortable use in terms of technology and technical service. This is a significant source of joy for us. We must take our technology to higher levels by carrying out new R&D investments and introducing production techniques in this sector.’’

‘‘ITM 2022 Exhibition Will Host Many Domestic and Foreign Professional Participants’’

Çağatay Sümer, who expressed that they followed ITM Exhibitions very soon as a company, considers that the ITM 2022 Exhibition will host many professional participants from both the domestic market and abroad. Sümer concludes his statements as follows: ‘‘Turkey is one of the leading countries today when it comes to textile production. As one of the companies that is aware of this, we want to make an impact on this sector with the technology and machinery we build at the ITM 2022 Exhibition, whose contribution we strongly believe in.’’

Interview: Dilek HAYIRLI