Morrison: 60 Years of Experience in Textile Dyeing and Finishing Machines

Dayanıklılık, esneklik ve boya tekrarlanabilirliği Morrison'ı dünyanın önde gelen denim üreticilerinin ilk tercihi yapıyor. Denim Hazırlık, boya ve terbiye için Tek Kaynak Tedariki Morrison'a özgüdür.

Morrison: 60 Years of Experience in Textile Dyeing and Finishing Machines

Durability, flexibility and dye repeatability make Morrison the first choice of the world’s leading denim producers. Single Source Supply of denim preparation, dyeing and finishing is unique to Morrison.

Since its founding nearly sixty years ago, Morrison Textile Machinery has been at the forefront of design of textile dyeing and finishing machinery for fabric producers worldwide.

Morrison is a trusted standard in the global textile marketplace. The company team with agents in over 30 countries, resulting in shipments to more than forty countries each year.

Morrison is family ownership with experience in this industry reaching back over 100 years. The company builds on long-term relationships with its employess as well as its customers. This is how its NoRisk philosophy came into being. The company’s next goal is fabric finishing without the use of any water.

Over 200 ranges installations proven with applied process experience and evolving innovative designs.

Morrison Denim Systems

Incorporate latest technologies blended with decades of experience gained from working with the world’s leading denim producers. Denim manufacturers globally known for innovation and top quality have selected Morrison as their first choice production partner.

Morrison FCS Process Control

Full uptime and repeatable product results demand robust machine drive and process control. The companies count on Morrison for today’s best hardware and industry leading software.

450 Ball Warper/ Creel

MDS combine the latest technologies applied from experience gained from working with the world’s leading denim producers. Our 450 Ball Warper produce repeatable programmed yarn ball profiles. CustomCreel layout with latest version control and cleaning systems allow highest efficiencies and first quality production.

Indigo Rope Dye – Spectrum S220 to S300

Morrison Spectrum ranges include the latest designs with process controls and custom line ups to produce the broadest product from classical denim to the latest designs of North America, Europe and Asia. Process proven box yarn occupany calculations allow maximum production at the highest speeds with consistent repeatability. The latest Spectrum Boxes feature redesigned heavy nip assembly and Center Feed and Tri-Return for improved dye circulation flow/dispersion. Boxes are designed with high temperature heating of alternative dye processes and composite side covers enhance housekeeping and maintenance.


Morrison pad-steam dye ranges are custom-specified for your profitability, shade consistency, control flexibility, and efficiency. Many variations of continuous dyeing ranges are possible, based on predominant fabric type, construction, dye class, and varying running speeds from 20 m/min. to 150 m/min.

Coating and Application

Finishing Non-Woven and Technical fabrics often requires a wide range of chemical types, mixes, and viscosities. No two requirments are alike. Morrison work with your engineers, process and production people to come up with a design just for you.

FR Range            

High-value, Wash-durable Flame Retardant cellulosic fabrics can be achieved via proper application and cure of phosphonium chemistry. Morrison has over four decades experience with ammonia treatment systems.