Mouvent: Address of Innovations in Digital Printing

Established within the Swiss-based BOBST Group, Mouvent operates in digital printing solutions. Founded in June 2017, Mouvent has approximately 100 employees across five sites in Switzerland.

Mouvent: Address of Innovations in Digital Printing

Mouvent, of BOBST; dedicated to exploring and delivering the future of digital printing. Aim of company is to develop intelligent digital printing technology; enabling digital printing on any substrate; textile labels, foil, folding carton, corrugated board and more.

As Mouvent entered the sector, it set out to offer a brand new technology to the market. Mouvent uses 3D printers to produce their machines; additive manufacturing enables the highly integrated, lightweight and compact design of our machines.

The company has worked on many different technologies for many years. Fuji Samba heads of 12OO dpi are the most important innovation that Mouvent brought to the sector.

Finally, the smart Cluster technology appeared with the Fuji Samba printhead. Thanks to the Cluster technol- ogy, it has become possible to produce very efficient machines that serve different sectors and use the same parts.

Today, one of the biggest problems experienced by digital textile printing manufacturers is the spreading of paints around the heads and the heads are damaged and lost by striking the fabric in the slightest wrinkle. This has been solved by Cluster technology.


Mouvent presented the TX801 to the Turkish textile industry at ITM 2018, the first time to attend. The TX801 prints with up to 8 colors and, even though it is a scanning type machine, up to 50% of the print jobs can be completed in a single pass, boosting productivity up to 200 sqm/h without compromising on quality.

In order to reach those levels of productivty, the TX801 utilizes an ingenious, very compact proprietary print engine development based on the MouventTM Cluster Technology integrating Fujifilm’s Samba print heads.

This is associated with speed, precision and scalability, deploying up to 16g/sqm of ink in a single pass. And thanks to the MouventTM Cluster Technology, the TX801 prints with an optical resolution of up to 2.000 dpi, resulting in the very highest print of the finished product. The machine can process knitted, woven and nonwoven textilez; with a maximum fabric width of 1820 mm with roll diameters of to 400 mm.