MS Turkey Increased Sales Rate in 2018 Over %40 Per Prior Year

MS Printing Solutions, one of the leading manufacturers of digital textile printing machines, consolidates its market position in Turkey. MS Turkey increased sales rate in 2018 Over %40 per prior year.

MS Turkey Increased Sales Rate in 2018 Over %40 Per Prior Year

MS Printing Solutions continues within the body of Dover Corporation, one of the industry leaders in digital printing machines with more than 7 billion us dollars worth of printing annually and more than 29,000 employees worldwide.

Founded by Luigi Milini, MS Printing Solutions is an Italian company. The Milini family has been doing printing since the 1930s. Since Luigi Milini was also from the machinery industry himself, he first started working on flat, rotation printing, and their improvements and automations.

At the beginning of the 2000’s, they started focusing on digital printing and produced digital printing machines. At the same time, MS Printing Solutions built a steamer.Listed amongst the top 500 US companies in 2015, Dover Corporation purchased MS Printing Solutions SRL. Dover has operations in various industries such as energy, liquid transfer, freezing, retail and engineering systems. MS Printing Solutions is placed under the engineering systems branch.

Exporting to developing countries such as Turkey, India and China, MS Printing Solutions continues to manufacture high quality printing machines without compromising on innovative and modern technology in order to reach out to new business partners in all markets worldwide.


Dover Turkey – MS Printing Solutions Turkey Sales Manager Yaşar Uzun has made assessment about the market. “Turkey exports most of textile production. Digital printing rate in printed products is expected as %8-9 and investment at digital printing machines is essentially made by exporter producers. As textile and printed product exportation is our direct concern considering that digital printing machine production and sales is our main expertise, we think that the digital printing is an important motivation for machine market.”

Yaşar Uzun indicating that textile producers of Turkey showed great interest to the digital printing investment and the machines of MS Printing Solutions, “MS Turkey, Our sales rate in 2018 increased over %40 per prior year.” he said. Yasar Uzun continued as follows: “It was mostly invested in our JP7 and JPK mid-scaled productions machines last year. We anticipate that investment will continue on digital printing machines and despite of the interest in Lario(single pass), investment will be made mostly on mid-scale digital machines like last year.”