New Cots Grinding Machine from Asteks: 401-SF&M

Asteks' newly developed 401-SF&M cots grinding machine performs the grinding process of yarn and roving machine cots in one unit, while grinding the draw frame and combing machine cots in the other independent unit. With two grinding units operating simultaneously and independently, spinning mills can handle more work in less time.

New Cots Grinding Machine from Asteks: 401-SF&M

Expert of advanced grinding solutions Asteks achieved an important innovation for spinning mills through intensive R&D. The 401-SF&M cots grinding machine, which has a smart feeding system and two independent grinding units, enables yarn manufacturers to save a lot on operating costs. Having a unique design, the 401-SF&M offers an automation capability that combines functionality and simplicity in cots grinding. Moreover, this new technology is entering the market at a very competitive price.

In standard grinding machines, the machine must be stopped and adjustments must be made for such cots type changes. This leads to a loss of time and productivity. While these losses are eliminated with 401-SF&M, new advantages of an ideal grinding system for yarn manufacturers are obtained. Moreover, without the need for manual feeding, a large number of cots can be grinded with the high-capacity smart feeding system. This means great convenience for the operator who feeds the cots by pouring them into the feeding box without aligning the cots individually, while at the same time saving a great deal of labour for the operation.

Pointing out that the new cots grinding machine has a high level of automation as well as two independent grinding units, Asteks Marketing and Sales Manager Sabri İlknur stated that 401-SF&M will set a new standard in the grinding business. Saying; “The 401-SF&M cots grinding machine is an unrivalled solution with its concept and design,” İlknur added that although they have not started intensive promotional activities yet, they have obtained a strong order and sales graphic.


Easy grinding advantage with high automation

Developed through approximately five years of R&D and field work, the 401-SF&M cots grinding machine realizes the concept of high automation on the machine. Thanks to the Smart Feeding System, all top rollers (arbours) are emptied into the feeding box without the need for individual aligning and the process starts automatically. In addition to this feature that saves time and labour, the Automatic Grinding System automatically performs the grinding of the cots coming from the feeding box without personnel intervention.

Cots’ Diameter Measuring System by Laser prevents errors in the grinding process. This system checking the outer diameter of the cots grinds the cots in the dimensions determined by the user and separates the cots outside these dimensions. While this separation, which takes place before the grinding process, does not reduce the efficiency of the machine, delays and malfunctions that may occur due to incorrect measurements are also prevented.

401-SF&M cots grinding machine provides easy operation with its Touch Screen Control Panel. All machine management and settings such as the grinding amount on the cots’ surface, traverse speed or the polishing period can easily be realized with the control panel that have different language options. Furthermore, the PLC Automation System makes it possible to customize all operating settings on demand.

Considerable demand is expected in foreign markets

Asteks Overseas Sales Officer Taner Engin said that the new 401-SF&M has great potential in both domestic and international markets. Engin said; “We know that 401-SF&M will offer significant benefits, especially to compact yarn producers since the need for cots grinding is higher in such those factories. Our new machine will stand out as an ideal cots grinding machine for businesses with high spindle capacity.”

Saying that they expect this new solution to be accepted quickly in prominent Asian markets such as Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh where Asteks is present, Engin continued his words as follows;

“We have shipped 401-SF&M to JV Skorton Tekstil LLC of Antex Group, one of the leading textile groups in Uzbekistan. Murat Yapı Tekstil, also operating in Turkey, preferred 401-SF&M for its new investment in Malatya.

Likewise, as with Asteks’ other grinding solutions, 401-SF&M will write a success story in a short time with its functionality and competitive price. We want to share the happiness of offering a solution that provides more efficiency in cots grinding with all our sector partners”.