New Single End Cord Line from Benninger Laboratory and Intercord Company

After 18 months of joint development, the new Benninger Laboratory Single End Cord Line is success-fully in operation at Intercord Thueringen. The line runs at a speed of up to 30 m/min and is used for the development and small series production of technical yarns of the highest quality.

New Single End Cord Line from Benninger Laboratory and Intercord Company

The latest generation of the Benninger Laboratory Line is based on the concept of a modular system that can be extended as required. This system of-fers almost endless possibilities for the develop-ment of innovative technical yarns and technologies. The Laboratory machine was developed and implemented together with the company Intercord and takes into account special customer requirements. Yarns are impregnated, coated, dried and heat-set on the new versatile system. The masterpiece from Benninger offers excellent convertibility from laboratory to production scale. In addition, the Laboratory machine offers the possibility to conveniently test new processes, recipes and processes.

Intercord Thueringen is a German manufacturer of high-quality technical yarns for special appli-cations. Intercord yarns are used, among other things, as reinforcing material in drive belts, hoses, tires and air suspension systems. Benninger is a Swiss textile machinery manufacturer and specialist in tire cord system solutions. The two companies have maintained a trusting pro-fessional business relationship for more than 20 years.

Ramazan Yasbay, the Managing Director of Intercord Muhlhausen GmbH, emphasized: “A heartfelt thank you goes to, among others, our long-standing partner, Benninger Zell GmbH, for the trust shown over many years and the successful cooperation. These are the foundations on which we can present the new generation of la-boratory lines to the world today.”