New Yarn Dyeing Machine from Cedit Makine

Cedit Makine was established in 2005 manufactures manufactures yarn dye, yarn centrifuge, yarn drying, yarn printing, yarn fixing and conditioning, hank dyeing, hank centrifuge, hank drying machines.

New Yarn Dyeing Machine from Cedit Makine

Cedit Makine has the latest technology in the yarn dyeing machine lane by pushing the upper limits of the known technologies, reducing the costs during the yarn dyeing process and taking the environmental effects and quality standards into consideration with customer focus. 6 ton production capacity of yarn dyeing machine in one batch is made by Cedit Makine for the first time in Turkey. In addition to the high technological and ecological standards, the new yarn dyeing machine, which provides significant savings in water and electricity consumption, gives its customers a rapid acceleration in the competitive conditions.

The company, which is one step ahead of its competitors with its high capacity, low energy own technology pumps, which provides color uniformity and provides equal flote distribution, continues to cooperate with universities to make more efficient dyeing. Cedit Makine continues to provide services with its expert staff in 2500 m2 closed area with its innovations and pioneers in many fields of textile finishing machines. The company will attend the ITMA Barcelona in 20-26 June 2019 and will attend ITM 2020 and continue to introduce its latest new products to customers with international Textile Machinery fairs.