NSC at ITM 2022 with Its Stretch Breaker and Carding Machines

“NSC fibre to yarn” continues to develop Tow to Top lines with the model S200 of stretch breaker followed by the new model of Defelter rebreaker D5GC40 and the GC40 chain gill. The company will exhibit its stretch breaker and carding machines at booth 315E in hall 3 at the ITM 2022.

NSC at ITM 2022 with Its Stretch Breaker and Carding Machines

As finisher m/c, the FMV41/42 vertical rubbing frame takes place.

Recently, “NSC fibre to yarn” has installed semi-worsted lines with SW35 carding m/c card (2.5 m or 3.5 m wide), manufactured by N. Schlumberger followed by preparation lines consisting of chain gills model GC 40 and finishers m/c model FMV41/42.

“NSC fibre to yarn” offers to modernize recycling lines for acrylic fibres or blended fibres by introducing its well-known combing machine ERA between card and gills drafting. The contribution of the combing machine ERA is economically essential according to 4 points of view:

– production: 1 ton per day in 3 deniers. (3 shifts).                                                                        – cleanliness: 25% of neps less compared with PB family m/c.                                                                          – energy consummation: equipment with economic saving: Use of energy efficient motors.       – reduced consumption of spare parts owing to a new design of kinematics.

“NSC fibre to yarn” remains continuously at the disposal of its Turkish customers. To offer the best service, an organization of spare parts has been set up with the BILGE/Automation company and Samoteks, the agent for Turkey, is well known by all customers. “NSC fibre to yarn” will be on the booth of his agent Samoteks.