Pivottex Closed 2021 with an Export Surplus of 40 Percent

Pivottex is trying to defeat the pandemic crisis affecting the whole world with the mask machines it has commissioned. Meltem Günalp, General Manager of Pivottex Makine, said that they have closed the year 2021 with an export surplus of 40 percent and aim to increase their production capacity by 20 percent in the near term.

Pivottex Closed 2021 with an Export Surplus of 40 Percent

Meltem Günalp, General Manager of Pivottex Machinery 

Pivottex, which manufactures garment automat with 20 years of work experience, is among the sought-after companies in the textile industry. The company, which carries out its production at its facilities in Denizli, maximizes the quality and speed of towel, bed sheet, duvet cover, pillowcase cutting and planting processes by using the innovations brought by our time in its machines.

At Pivottex, which has an employment of 25 people and a production volume of 20 machines per month, 15 percent of the employees are women. General Manager of Pivottex Machinery Meltem Günalp  said that they want to move this figure even higher as a company that aims to strengthen the place of women in society and make them more active in business life.

“We added two mask machines to our production range during the pandemic period”

Stating that they have developed a working discipline that gives priority to health, like all other companies during the Covid-19 process, Meltem Günalp said, “In the early period of the pandemic, production in almost all sectors came to a standstill. However, the need for personal protective products, especially masks, has increased. However, the need for personal protective products, especially masks, has increased. As Pivottex, we got involved in this process with two different mask machines that we added to our production range, and we worked day and night in this area.”

Emphasizing that there are some difficulties in the textile machinery sector, as in all sectors, during the pandemic period, Meltem Günalp continued as follows: “The sector’s exports decreased by 5.9 percent in 2020 compared to the previous year. But when this figure is compared with many other sectors, it is seen that the textile machinery industry has successfully closed the pandemic year. As Pivottex, we are one of the companies that closed last year with an increase in exports. Despite the pandemic, our exports increased by 40 percent.”

“We Aim for the Sky in the Far East and the Middle East”

Expressing that they aim to increase their foreign market share in order to further increase the export success they have achieved and to contribute more to the country’s economy, Günalp said that they have aim for the sky  especially in the Far East and the Middle East.

The aspects that make Pivottex and its products different from their competitors; Providing customer satisfaction by integrating the latest innovations brought by artificial intelligence and technology into their machines very quickly, having a very strong service network and being much more affordable than imported machines. “We are also developing our products in a way that will be specific to the customer and directly solve his problem. Tailor-made production is among the priority topics of the new age, and we are one step ahead of our customers as a company that has acted this way since the beginning.” Günalp said.

“We Allocate 70% of Our Budget to R&D”

Pivottex, which uses all the innovations brought by our age in its products and thus distinguishes itself in the competitive market, allocates 70 percent of its budget to R&D. Günalp said, “We aim to increase this rate even more in the coming period and make a great contribution to the value-added production of both our company and Turkey.”