Power Heat Set GmbH: One of The Leading Companies in The Heatsetting Business

The company PowerHeatSet GmbH is based in Töging am Inn near Munich, Germany. The company has been supplying the carpet industry with machines and components for carpet yarn treatment for over 40 years.

Power Heat Set GmbH: One of The Leading Companies in The Heatsetting Business

All of Power Heat Set’s equipment is manufactured by highly®qualified technicians at the German based headquarters in Töging. There is a team of mechanics and technicians available worldwide for installations and service.

The US subsidiary in Dalton, Georgia, together with the sales agencies and representatives from all over the world, guarantee a quick response time. A team of skilled and experienced engineers continually develop and improve the heatsetting equipment. Power Heat Set’s R&D department in Töging focuses on bringing advantages to their customers and are always striving to improve such aspects as quality, runability, productivity, energy saving and handling. Power Heat Set’s machine portfolio currently offers two different machine types, namely GVA and HiPerSet and each are available in three different sizes.

The GVA offers the best flexibility and high performance for heatsetting carpet yarn with up to 96 ends. Due to its 6 channel configuration heatsetting of small lots on different belts, it is even possible to run different colors of the same yarn or straight set and frieze at the same time.

The HiPerSet uses only one channel to heat set the yarn with overheated steam. Up to 84 ends can be processed at the same time.

Both systems, the GVA and the HiPerSet, are heatsetting with overheated steam under atmospheric pressure. With the removal of obstructions to airflow, a high volume of climate circulation is achieved with relatively high compression allowing yarn to be heated quickly and thoroughly to the required heatset temperature.

This improved flow allows shorter dwell times. The machines are very economical due to their low energy costs.

Despite their low energy costs which makes the machines very economical to run, the processability still remains high and the yarn treated still provides a very high carpet quality.