Rabatex Grows 20 Percent Despite the Pandemic

Rabatex Industry, which manufactures complete warp preparation machines, continued its production during the pandemic that affected the whole world. The company grew by 20 percent in 2020 with the support of its overseas sales.

Rabatex Grows 20 Percent Despite the Pandemic

Haresh Panchal, Partner of Rabatex Industries

Rabatex Industry which was founded in 1962 to produce crankshafts for weaving machines. gained experience during the initial periods by manufacturing basic sectional warping machines, material handling-storage machinery, customised machinery. Now the Rabatex, offers advanced computerized sectional warping machines, single end sample warping machines, single end sizing machines, speciality warping creels with electronic controls, precision tensioner, material handling – Storage equipment for various industry, customized tailor made machinery for technical textile.

The group also specialises in design and installation of advanced material handling and storage equipment. With its technical support and cutting-edge technology, Rabatex Industries aims to produce state-of-the-art weaving transportation trolleys in India.

Realizing its goals with the efforts of its passionate research and development team, the company exports to 28 countries including Brazil, England, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Vietnam.

Rabatex Industries has now strengthened its capacities with full technical support and know-how from Alexander and Giovanelli Group, an Italian textile machinery systems provider. This joint venture agreement of Rabatex Industries with the Alexander and Giovanelli Group will bring unique expertise in manufacturing and sales of advanced, electric-operated, handling equipment to the Indian market. The Alexander and Giovanelli Group currently has an extensive range of electric trolleys for weaving rooms, which it will now manufacture on Indian grounds instead of exporting them from Italy. However, throughout the production, quality and production standards of the group will be maintained.

 “We Make Improvements in Design by Considering Customer Feedback”

 We interviewed with Haresh Panchal, Partner of Rabatex Industries for our ‘India Special Issue’. Saying that they manufacture complete warp preparation machines for the textile industry Panchal, ” We are doing continious upgradation in design from customer feedback by making user friendly.” says. Expressing that he has observed progress in the field of technical textiles in addition to automation in the textile sector, Panchal, states that there are new trends in the medical, agricultural and automotive sectors.

 Rabatex Industry, which has a wide range of products, exports the majority of its machines. Panchal said; “We are export 40% Sample warping machine & sample weaving machine, 30 % High speed warping machine and 30 % material handling equipment from our product portfolio. Turkey, Bangladesh, USA, Egypt, Brazil, Mexico, Russia are top markets for our product portfolio.”

“We will see better business in 2022”

Stating that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the whole world and sectors, Haresh Panchal says that Rabatex continues its production during the pandemic process. Panchal continues: “Fortunately, our business volume has not been greatly affected by the pandemic. We were able to achieve 20% growth, where majority were supported by overseas sales.”

Reminding that they will continue to research and development on their existing products while focusing on material handling and storage equipment in 2021, Panchal explained that they have recently developed and started to sell the Vertical Storage System. Shah said they think business will get better in 2022.


Interview: Dilek Hayırlı