Richard Hough: The Best British Quality in Calendering and Squeezing Rollers

Established over 180 years ago, a family-run business Richard Hough Limited produces a specialist range of calendering and squeezing rollers for the textile industry. The company regularly supplies new and recovered rolls to its customers in over 40 countries worldwide and offers a high level of technical support on all aspects of roll use, from specification through to maintenance.

Richard Hough: The Best British Quality in Calendering and Squeezing Rollers

This 180 years worth of experience goes into our roll-making by time-tested craftsmen, combined with our patented advanced technology. We conduct continuous research and development work on our state of the art laboratory squeezer and calender. This gives you the best finishing rolls in the world today that perform consistently to specifications.

Applications for RHL’s rollers include:


  • Universal textile calenders
  • Simili calenders
  • Schreiner calenders
  • Friction calenders
  • Embossing calenders
  • Bonding and nonwoven calenders
  • Geotextile calenders


  • Mangles
  • Padders
  • Stenters
  • Dyeing ranges
  • Loose stock fibre processing


Simtex operates at a maximum bowl temperature of 250°C+, with a maximum temperature of the steel roll at 400°C+
• Polymer rolls are incapable of adding any frictional force to the glossing process

  • Simtex gives surface finish by Micro-slip friction, resulting in increased glaze and smoothness
  • Simtex has 10x the usable cover life than a polymer roll

SIMTEX™, however, is produced from a special combination of high-tech synthetic fibres which give full elasticity, deforming as required to match fluctuating pressures across the nip.

Syncast™ Polyamide Rollers

RHL’s Syncast calender rolls have rapidly become the world’s market leading polyamide calender rolls. Syncast polyamide calender rolls are a state of the art solution for many textile calendering and embossing applications. Excellent resistance to surface damage ensures minimum maintenance and a very long service life.

Cotton Calender Rolls

RHL’s Cop Cotton calender rolls are produced to the highest quality and are specified by the world’s leading calender manufacturers. RHL cotton rolls achieve the optimum surface finish on woven and knitted, natural and synthetic fabrics.

Resilio™ Squeezing Rollers

RHL has developed the revolutionary new Resilio roll covering technology for fabric dewatering applications. Dramatic improvements in water expression and major cost and energy savings in drying can be achieved with Resilio rolls.

Roberto™ Fibre Rollers

RHL’s Roberto (Neutral) rollers are the original fibre high expression squeezing roller. Many thousands of Roberto’s have been sold world-wide. The Roberto gives excellent expression of moisture by squeezing out moisture as well as sucking in water with its capillary qualities.

RoberteX™ Fibre Rollers

The RoberteX will perform in all aggressive textile and metal processing environments and is the ideal choice for use in harsh caustic or acidic environments with an operating pH range of 0-14.

Nollap™ High expression rolls for Viscose De-watering

RHL is the undisputed leader in Viscose de-watering technology and the Nollap squeezing roll is specified throughout the industry for high performance, long life and reliability. The newly developed Yellow Nollap material is a further advance in squeezing technology.