Rimtex Spinning Can; Duo and Sumo Gain Efficiency and Productivity to Spinners

Rimtex is a foremost supplier of Spinning Cans to leading spinners across 57 countries. The two New Spinning Can Innovations by Rimtex - Duo & Sumo - are helping spinners gain high levels of efficiency and productivity.

Rimtex Spinning Can; Duo and Sumo Gain Efficiency and Productivity to Spinners

Ever since its inception in 1992, Rimtex Spinning Cans has been at the forefront of the spun fibre’s evolution. Rimtex manufactures the best quality Spinning Cans that help solve multiple sliver management issues like – Fibre Yield, spinning machine efficiency, spinning speed and flexibility.

Rimtex has many firsts to its credit. It is the first company to manufacture Rivet less Spinning Cans in India; it is also the first company to introduce ‘Patent Design’ in Spinning Can. This ability to continuously innovate makes Rimtex the most preferred Spinning Cans manufacturer across the globe. It is a matter of pride for the company that the technological trends initiated by them have garnered many followers across the breadth of the sliver handling industry; thus impacting the quality of yarn across the board.

The textile industry goes through continuous technological changes to suit the needs of a dynamically growing world. The markets are demanding enhanced technology to increase the processing speed of the raw materials and reduce imperfections and wastage. In the post-pandemic world, spinners are facing a lot of pressure on optimising resource utilisation and getting higher returns on their machine investments.

Over the past couple of years, Rimtex has introduced two path-breaking Spinning Can innovations – Rimtex DUO & Rimtex SUMO. The Rimtex DUO Spinning Cans come with the most advanced HDPE sheet technology, and its SUMO range has brought in Increased Sliver Loading technology that enhances Yield per Spinning Can almost by 10%. The Patent and Copyright acquiring application for both these Spinning Cans are done by the company. Let us look at each of these in detail.

Rimtex DUO with best-in-class Anti-Static properties

Most Spinners face these challenges – Sliver migration, Reduced lifespan of Spinning Can, Partial damages in Spinning Can – all of which has a substantial negative impact on the final output and profitability of the spinner. Rimtex DUO offers a fresh perspective to solve these sliver handling challenges. This one Spinning Can has many innovations built into it – the HDPE sheet technology sets new standards in spinning quality setting new benchmarks of efficiency in spinning.

The interlock layer technology provides the Spinning Can with unparalleled Anti-Static properties. Ever since its launch in 2018, Rimtex DUO has helped spinners gain better control over the quality of their yarn as well as their costs. The Duo Spinning Can is being implemented and utilised successfully by leading spinners across the world.

Rimtex SUMO with Increased Sliver Loading technology

Rimtex has successfully re-designed the Sliver Cans to provide spinners with increased sliver loading capacity. This innovation is of enormous benefit, and now Spinners can utilise the existing machinery and yet increase the load-carrying capacity by almost 10%. This unique Can design is an outcome of rigorous R&D efforts carried in-house by Rimtex. On one side, Rimtex Sumo augments the Sliver loading capacity, and on the other hand, it provides multiple benefits which ease the resource requirement, thus doubling the advantage of the spinner.

The SUMO Cans with increased sliver loading are implemented successfully in various spinning mills across the world. These are ideally suited for 1200 mm & 1000 mm diameter Cans. It goes without saying that like every Rimtex Spinning Can, Sumo also comes with the famed Rimtex advantage of optimum adaptability with the best spinning machines.

The spinners today need robust answers to respond to the new challenges. The need of the hour is products and solutions that can accommodate the shifting demand patterns and manage uncertainty. If users of Rimtex Duo & Rimtex SUMO are to be believed, these Spinning Cans are among the best the industry has seen to date. It is commendable that the team at Rimtex applies original thinking to lead the trends in textile spinning innovations.