Santoni: Guarantees the Highest Performance and the Latest Technical Innovations

Santoni, pursuing continuous innovation with research and development teams and bringing together the latest technological products with its customers, has managed to become one of the leading suppliers of this market in the last 20 years with its electronic seamless circular knitting machines. Since 2004, the company has been operating in the field of seamless warp knitting.

Santoni: Guarantees the Highest Performance and the Latest Technical Innovations

Santoni, the manufacturer of seamless knitting machines with its center in Brescia/Italy, founded in 1919. For 100 years, the company specializing in textile machines, apparel, sportswear, underwear, knitwear, medical apparel, sock knitting areas, is one of the carrier brands of the sector especially in seamless knitting machines.

‘Seamless machines’ are the revolution of the textile machinery world. These machines, which were initially limited to underwear production, then began production of other types like sports clothing, medical wear, tricot and beach clothing. Santoni succeeded in announcing its name to the world in the production of ‘seamless knitting machines’ over the years.

In 1988, Santoni incorporated to the Lonati Group, a company that operates in a variety of sectors including textile engineering, electronics, iron-steel production, agriculture, finance and real estate. Following the merger of the two companies, Santoni increased its product range, further expanded its pattern and color design gamut and made the machine production continuous.

Having more than 500 employees worldwide, Santoni guarantees to its customers the highest performance and the latest technical innovations and ensures they have the best textile machines to instantly meet the market changes.