Ser Mekatronik Expanded Its Production Capacity by 120 Percent

Uğur K. Zeyrek, General Manager of Ser Mekatronik, stated, ‘‘We have realized that domestic production has a very important place in the sustainable economy performance of countries during the pandemic period. We, as a company, started to produce machines that we have not dared to date, which were among our goals until today, during the pandemic period.’’

Ser Mekatronik Expanded Its Production Capacity by 120 Percent

Apart from the double drum – single drum raising, shaving, brush, combing, sanding, and pole-rotor sahving machine that Ser Mekatronik started to produce primarily, the production of stenter machines, coating units, knitting and weaving sanforizing lines, and post-press fixed steaming machine is still ongoing.

Ser Mekatronik continues to actively sell and deliver its machines abroad as well as in the country. Uzbekistan is at the forefront of the priority markets abroad for the company. Ser Mekatronik, which makes sales to North and South America with its experienced overseas sales team and agencies, also sells to Far East countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India.

We interviewed with Ser Mekatronik General Manager Uğur K. Zeyrek for the special issue of “Turkish Textile Machinery Industry” in our Textile Technology magazine. Zeyrek explained the assessment of 2021, the changes in the textile sector after the pandemic, and the targets of the company for 2022.

 ‘‘We Increased Our Exports and Employment in 2021’’

 We first asked Zeyrek regarding the assessment of 2021, for which he replied as follows, ‘‘Although 2020 has been recorded in history as a year in which the pandemic deeply affected the economy, trade and ways of doing business, it was a productive year for us. Thanks to the moves we believe we made right in 2021, we expanded our production capacity by 120%. Accordingly, we have increased our export volume and number of employees.’’

Stating that they focused on developing R&D and new technologies like many companies during the pandemic period, Uğur K. Zeyrek continued his statements as the following, ‘‘We have renewed our R&D center with high and state-of-the-art technologies. In order to meet the demands of our customers due to the developing market conditions, we focused on increasing our market share by maintaining the position of the product or brand.’’

 ‘‘During the Pandemic Period, We Produced Machines That We Haven’t Dared Up to Today’’

Zeyrek emphasized that it is understood clearly that domestic production has a very important place in the sustainable economic performance of countries during the pandemic period, and indicated that as a company, they started to produce the machines during the pandemic process, which they had aimed for but did not dare to before.

Uğur K. Zeyrek, who stated that the inflationary environment will continue in 2022, summarized the targets and projects of the company as follows: “We have filled our capacity until the end of the summer of 2022. We aim to expand our machine park. Accordingly, we will increase employment and our export volume. Reducing carbon emissions, reducing waste, making improvements in packaging, and producing more environmentally friendly, more energy-efficient, and innovative solutions are among our projects.”

Among the target markets of Ser Mekatronik are primarily Europe, Asia, Africa, North, Central, and South America.

‘‘ITM Exhibitions Increase Our Brand Recognition’’

Being among the participants of the ITM 2022 Exhibition, Ser Mekatronik plans to exhibit its innovative solutions and distinguished machines at the exhibition. Emphasizing that ITM exhibitions increase the recognition of companies, Zeyrek expressed the following, ‘‘ITM Exhibitions help us promote our new products, increase our recognition as a well-known brand in the sector, strengthen our collaborations and corporate image. We want to expand our worldwide customer portfolio, gain new customers and be among the recognized machine manufacturers in the world. For this reason, we will take our place at ITM 2022 with our most innovative solutions and different machines.’’

Interview: Dilek HAYIRLI