SPGPrints: “All You Need In Printing”

SPGPrints Printing Systems, formerly known as STORK Company, held a Textile Printing seminar on October 9, 2018 in Bursa and in Çorlu on October 11, 2018. The seminar was highly appreciated and participated by company managers, print managers, heads of design departments along with many other attendees in both regions.

SPGPrints: “All You Need In Printing”

The event conducted in line with one of our global slogans, “All you need in printing” was participated by numerous highly experienced executives and application experts in textile printing, from various companies to deliver their presentations. In the first part of the seminar, basic information about rotary (conventional) printing was given and both existing and new special screens were introduced.

At the second session of the seminar, design, software and engraving related adaptations required for rotary digital printing harmonization were discussed and print results of the same artwork produced at Çorlu Sezginler company were presented to the attendees. Each process step was explained in detail and the expectations of the industry regard- ing the adaptation of classic rotary printing images to digital printing was particularly addressed.

During the final session of the seminar the attendees were presented with the details of the rapidly trending digital printing, technical specifications of Fuji Diamatix Samba Print Heads, JAVELIN Multiple Pass Printer with Archer Technology and PIKE Single-Pass Printer were shared and their differences from the existing systems were explained. Prints produced with these machines which offer true 1200 dpi resolution and 30 month print head warranty, which is an unrivalled superiority among global systems, were showcased to the attendees.

The seminar packed with up-to-5- hour long technical presentations was concluded with the Gala Dinner.


Hakan Uzman, Managing Director, SPGPrints Turkey stated that in the crisis period the country is going through, they will be focusing on what they do best, advanced applications in textile printing. Uzman also stated “The technical seminar was aimed to reinforce the manufacturer position and competitiveness of the Turkish companies among the competitors both in Far East and Europe with new products and applications, particularly in Fast Fashion. Although the technical presentations were quite lengthy, the participants were very interested and the positive feedback after the presentations was very satisfactory, as a company marked with innovations in textile printing SPGPrints will continue to share knowledge and experience with similar seminars to be held in the future.”


SPGPrints, formerly known as Stork, was founded in 1947 in Boxmeer, Netherlands as the print division of STORK group of companies. Still headquartered Boxmeer, the company operating in textile, label and industrial printing busi- nesses has 1200 employees across the world. Inventing the first rotary screen in 1962, the company in- troduced world’s first rotary printer in 1963 Hannover ITMA. Launching groundbreaking innovations throughout its 70 years history the company introduced the first single pass digital printer at ITMA Milan 2015 and made the global premiere of the multiple pass digital printer, building on the same technology, at 2016 ITM Istanbul trade show. The company is a global leader in textile printing with a comprehensive range of solutions.