Spoolex: Address for Innovative Technologies for Tension Sensitive Materials

Ideally located as a regional hub to key export markets, Turkey is an important player in the nonwovens industry. Development in local demand and increased deliveries to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, have contributed to Spoolex’s success story.

Spoolex: Address for Innovative Technologies for Tension Sensitive Materials

Several of Turkey’s top nonwovens producers have invested in new production lines and innovative technologies to meet growing demand, both domestically and abroad.

With 38 Jumbo spooling lines in operation worldwide, the widest high speed spooling line for ADL in the world (mother roll width up to 1.5 m) and a fully automated Pegase 3 Spooling Cell commissioned end of 2016, Spoolex Group confirms the world leading position of its Calemard® machinery brand in providing customized spooling solution for demanding productions with tension sensitive materials.

On top of that, 2 majors customers requested Spoolex expertise to produce Spooling line for new innovating very sensitive material: these products are the most sensitive never produced until now.


Around the well-known Calemard® Pegase 3, the new Complete Cell integrates new solutions for:

  • Automatic mother roll loading with conveyor and automatic loader for mother rolls up to Ø 2m – 500kg
  • Automatic ultrasonic butt-to-butt splicing module with a line stoppage time down to 20 and a faster and more ergonomic manual web positioning!
  • A 3 step automatic jumbo spool unloading solution with automatic strip cutting, spool unloading, reclaiming and transfer to the Packing cell
  • Complete packing cell for individual spool weighing, wrapping and labeling.

Also to be noted that this complete Cell has been all engineered in house to perfectly fit to Spoolex’s Asian customer’s demanding needs and delivered perfectly on time. The line of course, integrates Spoolex’s quality standard characteristics to guarantee productivity and high quality process, i.e. no material properties alteration, reliable and con- sistent production of jumbo spools (Ø 1.2 m x 850 mm) at high speed (up to 600 m/min) with appropriate compaction rate, flat spool sides.


Big data is now a crucial matter for all industry and converters are also concerned. They are always looking for connected solutions to optimise their machinery production and overall plant efficiency. Few months ago, Spoolex dedicated a multi-service team to engineer a MES ready connection system: Spoolex 4.0 is born!

As a result, Spoolex offers today multi-level DataSmart solutions for production performance analysis and production traceability. After collecting data directly from the line PLC (for reliability and speed), DataSmart is available as different Packages adapted to each customer’s needs: from simple data collection to complete extraction, evaluations, indicators calculation and customized reporting.


With a single contact point and thanks to a systemized analysis needs approach, Spoolex Group is able to manage all in-house complete projects for simple problematic to complicated one. Working closely with Spoolex Group ensures efficiency, reliability, safety and serenity throughout the entire project, from 1st contact to equipment commissioning.

As a more and more important player in baby diapers market, Turkey is becoming a more and more important target for machine manufacturers. On its side, Spoolex was a “pioneer” for spooling sensitive materials with the first Pegase installed there 5 years ago; today with more than 80 spooling heads already in production in the country, the French company is a must reference on the really active Turkish nonwoven market.