Spot Kimya Organized Seminar about Durable Solutions in Antimicrobial Textile Production

Spot Kimya, Microban International and Tanatex Chemicals jointly organized a very successful seminar named as: ‘Sustainable and durable solutions in antimicrobial and multi-functional textile production.

Spot Kimya Organized Seminar about Durable Solutions in Antimicrobial Textile Production

High number of textile professionals from wet processing mills, garment producers, sock producers and ready-to-wear brands showed great interest to the seminar. The main target of this organization was to fill in the gaps regarding the myths about antimicrobials in the sector, draw attention to fast fashion trends and explain in details pros and cons of silver-based antimicrobials, and why they are no longer popular amongst global ready-to-wear brands.

During this organization, Microban International’s world-wide famous antimicrobial brand Aegis®

and zinc prithione based ZpTech antibacterial & antifungal finishes were launched in the Turkish market. Since, 1st of January 2018, Tanatex Chemicals and Spot Kimya are the sole distributor for Microban brands & products in EMEA and in the Turkish market.

Aegis®  has long been successfuly used as a wide spectrum antimicrobial in socks, shoe soles, mattress ticking fabrics and similar cellulosic based textiles. ZpTech is a versatile and a robust option when it comes to high performance; where it is possible to apply in dyebath, and has up to 50 HL wash durability. It is mostly preffered in synthethic based active wear, sportswear, interlining, zippers, upholstery, shower curtains and similar fabrics with the additional effect of being anti-fungal. Both products have bluesign and Oeko-tex approvals, as well as EPA and BPR registrations.

Microban is celebrating 35th anniversary this year, who is a global leader in it’s core business which is antimicrobial technology and chemistry. Approximately 2000 tests/month are conducted in their fully equipped laboratories,. During the seminar, anti-bacterial test standards, test principles and the key points on how to read them correctly were explained. Additionally, it is explained that whether it is silver-salt or nano-silver, these type of chemistries all work by releasing the silver ion in to the surroundings. This makes them quite undesirable by the ready-to-wear producers.

Finally, as a supplier who is globally very active in innovative textile processing chemicals, different finishing recipe ideas were combined with Microban products and presented with the special touch of Tanatex Chemicals’s wide range of functional finishing auxiliaries. Fabrics simultaneously preventing multiplication of bacteria, providing skin-care, preventing body-odors, providing comfort by moisture management and saves time and water with easy-clean properties were the center of attention.