SSM – Combined Power of Over 300 Years of Experience

SSM Textile Machinery, Horgen (Switzerland), is a subsidiary of the Rieter Group. It is the one brand and trendsetter that drives the global market in winding technologies and machines.

SSM – Combined Power of Over 300 Years of Experience

In the combined over 300-year-old tradition of the Schärer, Schweiter and Mettler companies, which merged in 1989 to become SSM, the commitment to textile machinery and facilities for yarn processing has always been exceptional. In 1999, two other companies inspired by tradition joined the SSM Group. Stähle-Eltex GmbH and SSM merged to develop air texturing technology and to strengthen their leadership position in the marketplace. And, with HACOBA as partner, SSM is able to offer a complete range of sewing thread finishing machines. In 2012, SSM Schärer Schweiter Mettler AG, has taken over the activities of Giudici S.p.A., Galbiate (Italy). Giudici’s strong market position in the field of false-twist texturing of high quality fine count nylon yarn, will further expand SSM’s business in the chemical fiber processing industry.


On June 30, 2017, Rieter Group acquired the SSM Textile Machinery Division (SSM) from Schweiter Technologies AG, Horgen (Switzerland).

Although people, markets, technologies and fashion are subject to continuous change, at the center of SSM activities is the endeavor to deliver top products and best solutions for any new demand: that is why SSM customers can rely on a worldwide service network. Thanks to commitment to technological innovation, focused on cooperation with best partners in the field and with industry leaders, nowadays SSM is recognized as innovative leader in yarn processing and winding – Swiss developer, leader and inventor of the electronic yarn traverse system.

SSM’s competencies lie in the handling of the yarn during the winding and yarn processing operations to obtain best packages that combine all the desirable characteristics. This serves as a foundation for the optimization of quality and efficiency in the downstream processes.

SSM is the world’s leading supplier of precision v machines in the fields of dyeing, weaving and sewing thread preparation and enjoys success in individual segments of filament yarn production. SSM comprises the companies SSM Schärer Schweiter Mettler AG in Horgen and subsidiaries in Italy and China.