Stalam: Pioneer in Radio Frequency Drying Technologies

World leader in the Radio Frequency drying and thermal processing technologies, Stalam offers the widest and most advanced range of dryers for the textile industry, which enable their users to obtain the maximum benefits from the RF technology in terms of quality of the finished products, reduced operating costs, high flexibility and outstanding reliability.

Stalam: Pioneer in Radio Frequency Drying Technologies

Presently, over 2,000 Stalam textile dryers are in operation in more than 50 countries, having rated power values ranging from 3 to 320 kW; from the simple, manually operated machine, to the fully robotised line complete with computerised control and supervision systems.

Recently the new “RFA/S COMBO” series dryers have been launched in the market: these are the latest evolution of the RF and forced-air circulation combined drying equipment (the “RFA/S” model) developed by Stalam more than two decades ago. In these dryers, independent forced- air drying sections (named “HA”) are added to the standard configuration of the “RFA/S” machines, thus obtaining a truly “twin-power” energy-efficient and top-quality-oriented drying system where it is possible to control and dose independently each form of energy (electromagnetic and conventional) for different products or process requirements, by modulating them through the PLC. Another recent development is the “RF 125 kW” model dryer, which covers the gap between the existing 105 kW and 150 kW models already in the market since more than a decade. It has an extremely competitive investment cost vs. production capacity ratio and is equipped with a new generation low power consumption RF generator. Stalam has just celebrated the 40th anniversary since its establishment in 1978 with a significant expansion of its production facility in Italy, in order to cope with the continuously growing demand for state-of-the-art, reliable, efficient and eco-friendly technologies, mainly from the technical-textile and food industries.


Turkey has always been one of the main markets for the company and more than 250 dryers have been the choice of most of the first-class textile companies of the country in the past 25 years. Recently the sales have declined in volume, due to the world market situation, nevertheless Stalam continues to invest in the country: recently, through our long-established agency OGUZ MAKINA SANAYI / Mr. Saruhan Oguz, Stalam has employed a very experienced servicing engineer, who had already been working for the company for several years, to provide a better, more competitive and faster service to all our valuable customers. This, we trust, will help in maintaining a closer relationship with the end-users and revive sales, also thanks to the new, more efficient and cost-effective dryer models developed in the meantime.

ITMA 2019 and ITM 2020 will be the key venues for the textile world in the near future, and therefore very important events for all big players in this industry like Stalam. We hope to meet there all our existing and potential customers to show how we can improve further the efficiency and profitability of their drying deparments.