Stäubli: A Leading Swiss Technical Solutions Provider for A Wide Range of Industries

The latest facts and figures of the Stäubli Group show 5,000 employees worldwide and a turnover of around 1.25 billion Swiss francs. The Group serves performance- driven customers in many industrial sectors worldwide.

Stäubli: A Leading Swiss Technical Solutions Provider for A Wide Range of Industries

The positive results confirm Stäubli’s forward-looking strategy as well as the know-how and R&D capabilities possessed by the Group’s three activities: Connectors, Robotics, and Textile. The Textile activity, founded in Horgen, Switzerland in 1892, was the original activity and remains a key business driver. The Group’s success is the result of a perfectly balanced combination of intensive R&D investment, excellence in sales & service, and the corporate tenet of “partnership with customers.”

For many years now, the activity Stäubli Connectors has been a leading manufacturer for advanced connection solutions for a broad range of applications, including fluid and electrical. In 2018 Stäubli acquired RS Roman Seliger Armaturenfabrik GmbH, a German manufacturer of specialized connection solutions. This strengthened the Group’s global position in the field of fluid connectors and expanded the portfolio to new cover applications such as cryogenics and market segments such as oil & gas. The activity Stäubli Robotics is an international player in industrial automation, a provider of engineering solutions and technical support recognized for its efficiency and reliability. The product portfolio includes SCARA to 6-axis robotic arms, Fast Picker, collaborative robots, and software. Stäubli’s powerful, high-precision solutions enable clients in a great many sectors to master the challenges of Industry 4.0. In 2018 Stäubli acquired majority ownership of WFT GmbH & Co. KG, a German specialist for the construction of special-purpose machines and mobile platforms. In line with Stäubli’s successful growth strategy, this acquisition merges complementary innovative forces to serve new fields such as autonomous guided vehicles (AGV) and automation add-ons.

The activity Stäubli Textile has been providing reliable high-speed solutions to weaving mills around the world for over 125 years. The product range incudes weaving preparation systems, cam motions, rotary dobbies, and Jacquard machines for all sorts of woven applications. Last autumn at ITMA Asia, the company presented one of many examples of the Group’s organic growth: the BEAMPRO reading-in machine, which operates directly at the sizing machine, delivering great benefits to the mill’s operations in the weaving preparation department and beyond. The BEAMPRO reading-in machine is designed especially to meet the needs of shirting weavers working with sectional warps and requiring pre-arranged alignment of colored warp yarns in order to accelerate the weaving preparation process. Stäubli is renowned for its unique automation solutions, including SAFIR automatic drawing-in machines, which can manage every repeat requirement (detection and management of colors and S-/Z-yarns), and TOPMATIC and MAGMA warp-tying machines, which come into play once the warp is on the weaving machine. Another example of organic growth in Textile can be seen in the knitting sector. Here, Stäubli has been providing mainly drives and production & design software for circular machines. But after acquiring a patent and investing in intensive R&D efforts, the company now produces and markets the D4S toe-closing device.