Steinemann: Profitable Solution in Central Vacuum Systems

Steinemann Central Vacuum System the most professional and economical solution to clean your textile machinery and mill from dust, fluff and fiber fly. The company slogan: Cleaning is Profit.

Steinemann: Profitable Solution in Central Vacuum Systems

The Steinemann family company has been established in 1906 and is still up today in control of the family members. ConVacc AG is the subsidiary belonging to this family owned conglomerate and manufacturer of Central Vacuum Systems, the ideal solution for cleaning of the textile mills and automatic waste removal of long tangling fibers from the production machines as Rotorspinning, Winders or Airjet machines.

The cleaning is based on a centralized, powerful vacuum unit, tailor made to the client’s needs, connected through a spark free piping network of aluminum. The piping network is based on plug and play, therefore, no welding necessary, which could endanger the production or even the mill itself. Different connection points are available, as for instead Floor socket, Sweeping points and automatic valve-controlled openings. Plug your suction hose with the most suitable attachment as easy as an electrical plug to the piping network and you can start with your cleaning process. Without mechanical parts between the suction point and the decentralized filter, long fiber tangles or other debris are no problem to be disposed to the filter, hence no abrasion and maintenance free.

Ask for our offer and reduce the compressed air for cleaning to the minimum, you will see this profes- sional solution will pay off within shortest time and the dust, fluff and fiber fly is real out of your production line and not just distributed to other areas of your mill.

Steinemann Area Sales Manager Berni Brandenberger described Turkey for their company that “Well important established market with big future potential.” Brandenberger said, “Whereas awarness of saving production cost needs further development at the client side.”