Superba: Leading in Carpet Yarn Heat-Setting

Superba, world leader in heat-setting and space-dyeing for carpet yarn, and member of the Van de Wiele family of companies, is established in Turkey since 1992.

Superba: Leading in Carpet Yarn Heat-Setting

Superba are represented by Samoteks in Istanbul, and have a permanent team of technicians in the field, together with their partner in Gaziantep, Bilge, acting as the official distributor for spare-parts with a large inventory available.

With more than 165 TVP3 lines to heat-set carpet yarn and over 60 LV3 lines for Acrylic running in Turkey, Superba have established themselves as the benchmark in terms of quality for carpet yarn processing for all types of yarns (PET, PP, PA, PAN, Wool & blends). Recent developments are fo- cused on Space-dyeing with the latest version of the MCD/3 machine capable of handling a layer of 72 ends with an unequalled range of spot length, espe- cially for the ultra-short spots (< 25mm) thus enabling “one-pile/one-color” process on the carpet.

The MCD/3 can space-dye with up to 6 colors, polyester or polyamide yarns in combination with the TVP3 heat-set- ting line, but also acrylic fibers with the new high capacity DL/5 setting line, and offers exclusive dyeing effects such as bi-color printing.

The synergy and co-working with Van De Wiele weaving or tufting machines offers to the customers the possibility of new creations with a very efficient time-to-market. Other new amazing developments in the field of heat-setting, texturizing and winding will be released during the upcoming ITMA show in Barcelona.