Superba to Introduce Its Latest Developments for Carpet Industry at ITM 2022

Superba, a member of Vandewiele family of companies, will present its latest developments for the carpet industry at its stand 215A in hall 2 at ITM 2022.

Superba to Introduce Its Latest Developments for Carpet Industry at ITM 2022

Active on the Turkish market since the early nineteen’s, Superba is the leader in heat-setting and space-dyeing for carpet yarn, with a total of more than 350 lines sold in Turkey. Being close to their customers has always been the force of Superba, with the strong support of their agent Samoteks Makina in Istanbul and a large inventory of spare-parts managed by their exclusive distributor, Bilge Otomasyon located in Gaziantep, at the customers’ doorstep.

Yarn used in carpet is becoming thinner and thinner, new types of fibers are used, new extrusion methods are applied to create new types of yarn. This permanent evolution requires adapted processes, more efficient and connected machines to allow the development of products with new, customized properties.

To meet all these demands, Superba is offering a wide range of machines and processes, and has introduced new textile processes.

Already the leader in heat-setting with saturated steam under pressure thanks to their well-known TVP3, Superba is now offering their hot-air heat-setting solution with the DHS3 line.

This triple-layer heat-setting process provides an unequaled level of evenness and a highly homogenous fixation characteristic to the yarn, as well as stain resistance or enhanced bulk. The DHS3 line offers a high energy saving process in a reduced floor-space.

To complete their range, Superba is also introducing their new B403 automatic winder. expanding its area of application beyond the carpet yarn field, the B403 marks a real technological breakthrough with its individual spindle motorization drive; it enables a constant tension winding process, an accurate bobbin length measuring as well as a unique quality control for each yarn position. The winder can be connected through cloud computing to the Vandewiele “Texconnect” supervision system to comply with the Factory 4.0 concept.

Finally, with the BXE extrusion line from Vandewiele, the MF400 texturizing machine and the MCD3 space-dyeing machine as complementary processes before heat-setting, with Superba lines, the carpet industry gets all the necessary equipment to produce innovative yarn types, allowing manufacturers to make the highest quality carpets at the most economic prices.