Tachyon Achieves Being the Focus of the Textile Industry with Its Eco-conscious Products

Tachyon was founded in 2013 with an efficiency-oriented production infrastructure. The company continues to carry out its designs and productions within the efficiency-oriented approached that the textile industry needs the most.

Tachyon Achieves Being the Focus of the Textile Industry with Its Eco-conscious Products

“How can we be more productive with less energy consumption and without damaging the environment?”

This question is the starting point for Tachyon’s activities. Built on ideals instead of commercial concerns, the company mainly aims to produce eco-friendly machines by bringing different production approaches to the textile industry. Tachyon was accepted in Teknopark with TÜBİTAK as a result of the intellectual infrastructure in its first projects. Then, it started production in the facilities in Çorlu, providing solutions for the areas that textile industry needs the most. Attaching a great deal of importance to R&D, the company continues to offer appropriate production solutions by making designs complying with the expectations and demands of its customers. The starting point for all products of the company is based on efficiency. Reducing environmental impacts – much less water and much less steam – the company achieves higher efficiency with lower consumption. Taking great steps in product reliability by patenting their production machinery, Tachyon believes that its own “Pluvia” will be a leader in the textile industry in Turkey and all over the world.

In all quality systems (ISO, advanced robotics systems, Industry 4.0 etc.) prevention of human errors and standardization are aimed. Tachyon has also achieved the fundamental Industry 4.0 goals with its infrastructure for the automation of their machines.

Adopting the goal of more efficient production with less consumption as a country, Tachyon continues its activities in this direction. Uzbek- istan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India are among the target markets of Tachyon this year. In addition, the company has distributors in Uzbekistan, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria) and the USA.

Catching a big trend in the Marmara and Aegean regions, where the textile industry is concentrated in the country, the company receive quite good feedback from all the customers to whose production it contributes by installing machinery. Having been very successful in its international structuring, which started in 2017, Tachyon has increased its exports by 40% over the last year and this makes the company more hopeful for the coming years.