Taypa Tekstil and Lenzing Prepare A Collection Made of Recycled Products

Taypa Tekstil has created a new collection consisting of recycled materials with the "zero wash" method, which consumes little to no water. The collection called "ECOllection" has been developed in cooperation with Lenzing, known for its sustainability solutions for the textile industry. The collection also emphasizes the problem of textile wastes.

Taypa Tekstil and Lenzing Prepare A Collection Made of Recycled Products

The petroleum industry ranks first, and the textile industry ranks second mmong the industries polluting the environment. The rapid increase in population growth and the high demand for diversity in textile production significantly increase consumption. This suffices to pollute the environment. In addition the waste textile products, the fact that resources are being consumed rapidly in the production process is among the top threats to the environment. For example, around 20 thousand liters of water are used to produce a T-shirt and jeans.

As is known, Taypa Tekstil has reduced the use of energy and chemicals by 90% with its investments in the production facilities. Solutions to wash a pair of pants with a glass of water is currently available. Now, the company has added a new one to its sustainability efforts. A collaboration is made with Lenzing Group, which develops patented technologies such as Tencel, Modal and Refibra, and produces high quality fibers from raw wood using eco-friendly and innovative technologies.

As a result of this collaboration, a collection called “ECOllection” which represents 100% sustainability by using fiber based fabrics obtained by Lenzing from raw woods. Organic fabrics were used in the production of the collection. In addition, all yarns and accessories were selected from recycled materials. The collection consisting of women, men and unisex models was developed with a washing technique called “zero wash” which consumes little to no water.

Taypa Tekstil Fulfills Its Responsibility

Taypa Tekstil’s sustainability target covers all areas from fabric production to logistics. With its investments in its production facilities, the company not only provides a significant efficiency but also fulfills its responsibility towards our world and our country.

Taypa Tekstil used the washing methods, which will make a difference in the ECOllection by combining the “zero wash” laser technique developed in CreaTay, the design studio for laser technology. In cooperation with Lenzing, the company has included sustainable fabrics and recycled accessories in this process and collection.

With today’s consumers preferring more sensitive and sustainable products for the environment, the company will continue its R&D and sustainability activities with its cooperation such as this project.