Teknomelt Exports to Nearly 50 Countries

Teknomelt, one of the leading nonwoven fabric manufacturers in Turkey, exports to nearly 50 countries, among which are primarily European countries.

Teknomelt Exports to Nearly 50 Countries

Salih Ziya Gümüşer, Teknomelt General Manager 

Teknomelt, established in Kahramanmaraş in 2010, set out with the production of qualified industrial cleaning cloths. In the Meltblown production line, which was put into service in 2010, in addition to its main features such as high oil absorbency and water repellency, multifunctional properties are added to the final product and fabrics used in filtration, medical, liquid waste cleaning, isolation, protective clothing, and industrial areas are produced. In 2014, the SMMS production line became operational in order to serve the hygiene, medical and composite sectors. Through this investment, a modern laboratory was established that can measure Water Column Tester, Rewet, Strikethrough time, elongation, tearing, and breaking strength.

Produces New Generation Spunbond

Teknomelt, operating in a facility of 18 thousand square meters, started to produce new generation spunbond with smooth surface appearance production technology for the first time in Turkey with its PP Spunbond nonwoven line. The company produces qualified fabrics for the protective overalls industry with its new lamination line with a capacity of 600 tons, which was commissioned in 2021.

The Biggest Producer in Turkey in Meltblown

Teknomelt General Manager Salih Ziya Gümüşer indicates his statements as follows, ‘‘We provide services to more than 500 customers domestically. Teknomelt is the largest manufacturer in terms of capacity in Turkey today, in the field of meltblown, which provides the filter feature that we know as the middle layer, especially in the protective mask sector, which has been on the agenda a lot during the Covid-19 period.’’

The new MB line of German origin, which was commissioned in the second half of 2021, started to produce the first and only BFE 99.9 standard in Turkey. With this line, the production capacity has reached the level of 11 thousand tons annually.

11 Thousand Tons Annual Production Capacity

Exporting 45% of its annual production of 11 thousand tons, a production carried out with over 100 employees, Teknomelt serves the domestic market with 55% of its production. Gümüşer continues as follows, ‘‘We have to update our machinery technologies with additional equipment and revisions every year. In the machine parks, we use domestic equipment together with the machines imported from Italy, Germany, France, and the Far East. At the same time, we supported the investment we made for the hygiene market with a serious laboratory within our body.’’

Stating that Teknomelt has been a member of the European Disposables and Nonwovens Association (EDANA) since the day it was founded, Gümüşer finalizes his statements as follows, ‘‘We entered the list of 100 fastest-growing companies in Turkey, a list, which is prepared by TOBB and TEPAV, published in 2015 and 2017. Today, we have an annual production capacity of 11 thousand tons. We were accredited by the Ministry of Industry and Technology in 2019 and we continue our research and development activities with an approved R&D center.’’