Tengiva Launches an Online Marketplace for in-Stock Textile Sales

An innovative, viable solution that helps suppliers develop new business, showcase their products and clear warehouses, by selling excess stock online.

Tengiva Launches an Online Marketplace for in-Stock Textile Sales

Textile manufacturers around the world are often stuck with excess fabric they struggle to get rid of, because logistics, time and lack of visibility complicate things. From a designer point of view, current sourcing realities inhibit creativity, innovation and ultimately, consumer offerings.

By developing a web platform that enables buyers to acquire left-over, in-stock textiles worldwide, Tengiva solves two major industry problems:

  • First, it allows buyers to acquire textile in smaller quantities that help support specific stages or needs within the creative process: sampling, sizing sets, small productions or even custom orders. Removing minimum orders gives them freedom to explore and innovate.
  • At the other end of the spectrum, textile manufacturers’ end up with excess fabric for many different reasons; second quality fabrics, mis- takes during the dyeing process, customers with insolvency issues, development test runs, etc. This textile isn’t picked up by the original buyer, but it’s still very useful for others. They want to buy it. They just need to know it’s available and easy to access.


Tengiva connects buyers and sellers, helping manufacturers improve their bottom line and efficiently distribute textile, while giving buyers increased access to great products, without having to overspend. Additionally, we educate buyers on textile types, advantages, features, limitations and much more. Sourcing becomes smarter.

So here’s how Tengiva works: selected, pre-screened manufacturers feature their inventory, on a micro-store that’s designed to showcase their excess stock. Each supplier has his own store, under the Tengiva umbrella. Direct contact information is published, so future production orders can be processed directly with a supplier. Tengiva understand production orders are a manufacturers core business and this isn’t its focus. The company mission is to give textile vendors the tools they need to feature their excess stock, sell it to relevant buyers, develop new business and clear warehouses. The platform was designed specifically with industry insider knowledge, so it’s easy to use and features relevant and necessary information that helps buyers make sound decisions. We’ve created simple dropdown menus, and a vocabulary that everyone can feel comfortable with. Buyers can browse by textile type, and also consult educational content that will further their knowledge of the available products.

Marketline reports astounding numbers for 2017 where textile and yarns combined, represented 746.1 billion dollars, with textile alone accounting for 83.1% of that amount. Statistics Canada confirms the size of this industry, with Canadians importing close to 3 billion dollars’ worth of textile in 2017, while exporting an impressive 1.4 billion.

Though certain websites feature textile, no platform connects multiple manufacturers to buyers that could purchase their excess stock, and thus serving the needs of both parties. By building an online marketplace that’s simple, intuitive, and tailored-made for the industry, Tengiva improves sourcing, and creates a win/win situation for both buyers and sellers. Buying and selling textile is available in at least 23 countries for the moment, with more locations being added regularly.