Thanks to ITM, We Know the Turkish Textile Industry More Closely

Fadis Sales Director Dr. Raffaella Carabelli

More than 57 years of experience Fadis is a well known company manufacturing textile machines. 

Fadis Sales Director Dr. Raffaella Carabelli said Fadis is the world leader in the production precision winding machine and this year the company introduced two new pieces at ITM 2018: precision winder with high density control for a better control of the packages for dyeing purposes and the new generation of air covering machine for elastic processers for denim.

Carabelli noted that it’s not the first time that Fadis is participating to this exhibition and continued: “Every year we feel that it is getting more important in the field, recognizing the field so it’s not only for the Turkish market anymore but also there are a lot of customers coming from surrounding countries such as Iran and also from Egypt and Morocco. Thanks to ITM Exhibitions, we know Turkish textile industry more closely. The exhibition has met our expectation.”

Fadis was founded in 1960 with the purpose of manufacturing textile machines such as rewinders, soft winders, assembly winders, hank to cone winders, reeling machines, spooling machines and intermingling machines, which are meant to process all types of yarns such as cotton, wool, silk, artificial fibres, synthetic fibres, mixed fibres, intermingled yarns, fancy yarns.