The Key of Ferraro Success is the Great Skilled Human Resource

Established in 1951, Ferraro Co. with more than 60 years of experience is the ideal partner for all those companies looking for excellence and quality in the finishing of knitted and woven fabrics. The efforts committed in the research for new technologies lead Ferraro Co. to be the first choice in finishing all over the world.

The Key of Ferraro Success is the Great Skilled Human Resource

Ferraro Co. has been founded in 1951 by Giuseppe Ferraro. Located in the area of Busto Arsizio , at that time one of the most expanding area in textile dyeing and finishing in Italy, it was providing service and maintenance to the most important textile companies equipped with a very “primitive “technology. Learning the necessity of the textile production process, has pushed Ferraro co. to study and develop the first machines to improve the productivity and efficiency.


The “passion” that has always driven Ferraro development since its born, is still driving today its production philosophy. Employees are integral part of its company. They are constantly involved in any new development and management decision. They all feel as “company shareholders” and treated accordingly. Most of people has started his career in Ferraro and retired after 40 years from Ferraro.

Alex Zucchi – Managing Director of Ferraro said that, “I am use to say “experience is something you cannot buy or copy” you must build it and it takes time. We can say without any doubt the key of Ferraro success is the great skilled human resource.”


“Turkey has always represented one of our main destination market. We it will continue for the next years depite some concern about current economical situation. Fotunately Ferraro represents the highest quality in its field and Turkish customers are always looking to get the best. Either Turkish invest in Turkey or abroad, Ferraro is alwasy one ot their main suppliers. Ferraro core business is still the fabric compaction, therefore we are proud to supply our Turkish customers with the most performing machine to assure the best fabric stability.” he said.

Zucchi continued like that: “2019 is the year of the ITMA in Barcelona. Under the current economic situation worldwide, we expect to confirm what we have done in 2018 (+24%).

Investments is in the DNA of Ferraro. To be able to develope new machineries requires a big effort in terms of money and human resources. We are expanding our labour force searching for qualified engineers. 5% of our total income is destinated to new projects, Industry 4.0 and patents.”