“Trützschler Observed A Record Order in Its Company’s History in 2021”

Markus Wurster, Director Sales & Marketing at Trützschler Spinning said, “The close collaboration with our local representatives in Turkey – and thus, shorter distances and shorter response times – once more contributed significantly to our success. Our export volume will remain very high in 2022.”

“Trützschler Observed A Record Order in Its Company’s History in 2021”

We interviewed with Markus Wurster, Trützschler Spinning Sales and Marketing Director and Dr. Bettina Temath, Head of Trützschler Group Global Marketing for the Germany Special Section of our magazine.  Wurster gave information about the latest trends in the spinning machinery industry, the latest technologies developed by the company and its targets for 2022. Temath also talked about the preparation processes of Trützschler company for the ITM 2022 and the products they will introduce.

First of all, how was 2021 for Trützschler? Especially after the first quarter of the year, there was an increase in orders. Can you evaluate the year 2021 in figures?

2021 was a really successful year for Trützschler – we observed a record order situation in our company’s history.

What are the key trends you see emerging at the moment in the spinning machinery sector? What new innovations can one expect in spinning machines?

One important trend that we observe is the growing demand for blended yarns. Blends of cotton and synthetic fibers become more and more popular. The limitation of resources to produce cotton certainly plays a role here, too.

We also noticed an increasing trend towards sustainability in the last years which we believe will be important in the future. Our customers can expect solutions that meet their demands for cost-effective ways to produce high-quality products made of raw materials like organic cotton, sustainable cellulosic fibers, or secondary fibers made from textile waste. Trützschler offers energy-efficient machinery and installations tailored to the processing of these materials, as well as solutions for optimal raw material utilization. We have also developed specific machinery and installations for the manufacture of yarn made of recycled materials, for example the TC 19i for Recycling. This machine empowers our customers to achieve the maximum quality when carding secondary fibers from torn waste.

Digitalization also continues to be a trend. This includes both the digitalization of machinery itself as well as new business models and digital services.

In an increasingly digitised world, how are your machines keeping pace?


For several years, we have been driving our vision of an intelligent spinning preparation process which consists of machines that optimize themselves and that are digitally interconnected. These machines, for example, perform a real time analysis of the composition of the extracted waste and automatically change settings to make sure that no good fibers are lost. The world’s first intelligent card TC 19i was a major milestone in this context. It optimizes itself with the help of sensors and compensates deficiency factors spinning mills are confronted with – like staff shortages and raw material quality fluctuation. Digital solutions like our mill monitoring system “My Mill” complete our idea of intelligent spinning preparation. These applications are available for PC or Smartphone, so that customers can view and evaluate the information of individual machines themselves, regardless of time and location.

Could you tell us about your worldwide sales and support network and the countries you export? Can you talk about your export volume, especially for the Turkish market?

Since decades, Trützschler persistently follows the strategy to operate with multiple fully-fledged, local production and service sites, for example in China, India and Turkey. This unique operational footprint in the spinning machinery sector allows closer exchange with our customers and enables us to act fast, efficient and reliable in all main textile regions. This has proven particularly useful, especially in Turkey where we noticed an outstanding demand for the latest spinning preparation machinery solutions in 2021. The close collaboration with our local representatives in Turkey – and thus, shorter distances and shorter response times – once more contributed significantly to our success. Our export volume will remain very high in 2022.

Can you tell us about your expectations, goals, new products and investment plans for 2022?

We are working at full speed every day to meet the demand of our customers. Among other things, we will continue to push our intelligent and digital solutions, as well as the latest introduced combing machine TCO 21 and our successfully launched pre-cleaner CL-X.

Dr.Bettina Temath, Head of Global Marketing of Trützschler Group

“We Will Introduce Our New Combing TCO 21 at ITM 2022”

The ITM , which was postponed due to the pandemic, will be held after 4 years. Could you share with us your views on the ITM Exhibition, which will bring the textile machinery industry together after such a long break? What will be the gains of the ITM 2022 for the sector and companies?

Dr.Bettina Temath / Head of Global Marketing of Trützschler Group: Turkey has always been one of the most important textile markets for us. Despite the pandemic, we observed an outstanding demand for our latest spinning preparation machinery solutions in Turkey in 2021. This is why we are very delighted to finally meet new and existing customers and partners at the ITM face-to-face again and discuss the latest innovations of the industry with them.

Do you have new products or new technologies that you are planning to exhibit at the ITM 2022?

 Dr.Bettina Temath: We will introduce our new state-of-the-art combing machine TCO 21 with which we are expanding our position as a full-range supplier in spinning preparation. Its maximum productivity, automatic optimization and simple handling lead to excellent yarn qualities and higher efficiency. We believe it will meet the demands of cotton yarn spinners around the globe.

Further, visitors can expect useful insights into our successfully launched pre-cleaner CL-X and our intelligent card TC 19i.  Both innovations contribute to a more energy-efficient spinning mill, especially through advanced air technology. Due to rising energy prices, energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly decisive factor for the competitiveness of spinning mills, while it is also important for environmental reasons. Our goal is to support Turkish yarn producers on their way to find cost-effective solutions for manufacturing high-quality, sustainable end products.

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