TÜRKAK Accreditation for Taha Giyim Laboratory

Taha Giyim Laboratory, retail brand LC Waikiki, received accreditation approval from TÜRKAK as ISO 17034 Reference Material Manufacturer.

TÜRKAK Accreditation for Taha Giyim Laboratory

LC Waikiki, which carries out thousands of tests every day in its laboratories with the sensitivity to product safety and human health, continues its studies on the development of test methods determined by international authorities and the establishment of new standards for potential needs.

The Reference Material Production Unit of Taha Giyim Laboratory, one of the subsidiaries of LC Waikiki, which carries out detailed examinations at every stage of the production processes, broke new ground in the private sector in accordance with the ISO 17034 standard. The reference materials produced by the unit were accredited by the Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK) with the accreditation number AB-0002-RM.

The Reference Material Production Unit, which continues its activities under the Taha Giyim Laboratory Quality Group Directorate, continues its activities to ensure that the measurements made in the textile industry are comparable all over the world and to produce and certify reference materials that will increase the measurement quality and reliability.

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