Turkish Textile Industry Met in Istanbul

In collaboration of İstanbul Textile and Raw Materials Exporters Association (ITHIB) and İstanbul Chamber of Commerce (ICOC – İTO), Texhibition İstanbul Fabric and Textile Accessories Exhibition was held at the İstanbul Expo Center.

Turkish Textile Industry Met in Istanbul

Chairman of the İTHİB Ahmet Öksüz pointed out the success of the fair and also stated that they aim to hold the second fair on 21 – 23 September.

The textile industry, which started 2022 with an export target of 15 billion dollars met with buyers across the globe in Texhibition İstanbul Fabric and Textile Accessories Exhibition At the fair, took place on an area of 5 thousand m² and was visited by 11,211 people across 63 countries. Throughout the 3 days of fair seminars were also held with experts in the field of sustainability and design. Ahmet Öksüz The Chairman of ITHIB said that the fair will make a great contribution for the sector to be able to reach its export targets of this year.

It Will Be One of the World’s Biggest Textile Fairs

Evaluating the fair Chairman of ITHIB Ahmet Öksüz stated, “We have reached all the figures we aimed in the fair. Our aim was to make a great contribution to our industry. We brought the companies of our sector together with buyers from across the globe. We made this possible in a very short time like 84 days. I would like to thank all our sector representatives and stakeholders who contributed to this success. Texhibition, the first domestic and national fair that the textile industry has been waiting for a long time, was a fair worthy of our country. We received very positive feedback from our participating companies. In this context, we will at least double our fair, which will be held for the second time on September 21 – 23, 2022. We aim to make our fair one of the largest textile fairs in the world in the coming years. Our aim is to contribute 1 billion dollars to our textile sector exports this year with this fair. Our brother union, The Istanbul Ready-to-Wear Clothing and Apparel Exporters’ Association (İHKİB), will also organize the 2nd IFCO Fair in August. These integrated fairs we carry out in Istanbul will play an important role in making Istanbul the fashion center of the Turkish textile and apparel industries.”

Evaluating the export figures of the sector, Ahmet Öksüz stated the following: “As the sector, we exported 12.9 billion dollars worth of exports last year and we exported to 200 countries during this period. In 2022, our target is to increase our share in global trade with 15 billion dollars of exports. In order to make this success sustainable, we organized our first domestic fair with ITO. Our next goal is to expand our fair, which we will hold for the second time in September, at least twice. We have already started our work within this framework.”