“We Achieved a Visitor Volume Above Our Expectations”

Saurer, one of the the worlds leading spinning machinery manufacturer, introduced its new technology products, especially the Autoairo air-spinning machine, at the ITM 2022 InternationalTextile Machinery Exhibition, which opened its doors to visitors after a four-year hiatus.

“We Achieved a Visitor Volume Above Our Expectations”

Pia Terasa, Head of Marketing and Market Intelligence at Saurer Spinning Solutions

Pia Terasa, Head of Marketing and Market Intelligence at Saurer Spinning Solutions, stated that aside from a huge number of Turkish customers, they have also seen an increasing number of foreign visitors at ITM 2022. She noted that ITM 2022 has become a very important event throughout the region.

Stating that their expectations were met from the very first day and that they had a visitor volume that exceeded their expectations, Ms. Terasa said that it was clear to see that the customers wanted to visit the exhibition in person and see the products they introduced on site.

Intelligent solutions lie behind the success of Saurer spinning machines. Automation solutions in the machinery pave the way for elevated production and quality assurance and reduce raw material costs.

With these features, Autocoro has a huge market share. Indicating that they exhibited new products at the exhibition this year, Ms. Terasa expressed that their outstanding product is the Autoairo air spinning machine and added: “We exhibited the miniature version of our machine at the exhibition. Thus, our visitors had the opportunity to personally experience the product at our stand. In addition,the Autocard carding unit, which has become very popular in Turkey and has very good features in terms of sliver quality and efficiency, was one of the products we introduced to our visitors at the exhibition.”

“Turkey is one of the most important textile markets in the whole world”

The ITM also sees the launch of Saurer’s celebration of 1 million shipped Autocoro spinning positions in only 10 years. The Turkish customers have played a major role, enabling us to reach this milestone. Ms. Terasa evaluated Turkey achievements in the textile business with these words: “Turkey is one of the most important textile markets in the whole world. For the last few years, the country has been a role model for better recycling and I think Turkey is importance will increase further as Europe implements the “green deal” policy, which envisages more recycling of textile products.”

Emphasizing that one of the main topics to be discussed in the next two years will be recycling, Ms. Terasa stated that the answer to the following question will gain importance in the coming years: “How can I increase the share of recycled fibers in the yarn without sacrificing the quality of the final product? The statements of Ms. Terasa on the textile industry are as follows: “2022 has been a good year for the entire textile industry. The order volume is very good. Unfortunately, we are still feeling the effects of the pandemic because, as you know, the ports in Shanghai were closed. The supply chain disruption is still a big problem for everybody although the pandemic is slowly coming to an end.