“We are Establishing a New Brand in Turkey”

The Italian company Marzoli, which is among the leading brands in the market in the supply of yarn spinning machines, became one of the remarkable companies of the ITM 2022 Exhibition. The marketing manager of the company, Illaria Scalvini, said that they had great expectations for the exhibition and their expectations were met from the first days.

The marketing manager of the company, Illaria Scalvini,

Scalvini stated that they had meetings with customers from many important countries with high market potential, such as Turkey and Iran, and that their cooperation efforts are continuing.

Explaining that they represented many innovative ideas at the exhibition as a company, Scalvini considers that the circular economy concept comes to the fore in the textile industry. The circular economy is a concept that expresses the basis of transformation and recycling rather than the production, utilization, and demolition processes. Scalvini expressed that this concept is a very important issue for the textile industry and continued: “This is a very important issue in the industry we are in and we focus on the development of circular technology as much as possible in this direction. Today, we represent Marzoli as a company operating in the field of textile engineering and this means that we are a company that produces digital textile solutions like nonwovens in the eyes of our customers.”

Stating that they presented their new carding machines to the attention of their visitors at ITM 2022, Scalvini indicated that they, as Marzoli, offered alternative solutions to digitize the yarn production process and that this is another important issue like the circular economy. Scalvini emphasized that they also offered their two main products, the roving, and the spinning units, to their customers.

Scalvini stated, “The Turkish market has an important place in the textile industry,” in regards to the Turkish textile industry, and expressed that Turkey is one of the most important regions for Marzoli to date. Scalvini announced a new development regarding the Turkish market with the following statements: “Turkey has always understood and appreciated the high quality offered by our company, so Turkey is a very important country for Marzoli. So much so that we even decided to establish a new brand here and completed the necessary procedures. We will hold our official opening ceremony in early October, it will be a big event. We look forward to meeting our customers there. Thus, we hope to be able to contribute to the sector by meeting the needs of our customers in Turkey more.”

Noting that technology and artificial intelligence will be the factors that govern this sector in the future, Scalvini said, “For this reason, we have been developing special software that provides information technologies and remote control since 2015.”