We Cooperated with Many Customers at ITM

Danitech and Sintec company, which participated at ITM 2018 together with their representative Koloni Reklam, brought their latest technological machines with customers. Danitech introduced the Daniflow HT dyeing machine with 750 kg capacity and the 10 kg sample dyeing machine.

Danitech Sales Manager Alberto Gotti said, “At the ITM 2018 Exhibition, we introduced the 3-felted open end sanforizing machine, which was the first in the world and it is patented by Sintec. This machine can produce in the same capacity as a  1.5 sanforizing machine. Moreover, the sanfor values are higher than the double-felt sanforizing machines.” Stating that they are very satisfied with the ITM Exhibition, Gotti said “We have a large number of customers both at domestic and international. We have customers especially from India, Iran and Egypt. We made deals about our cooperation negotiations the last day of the exhibition.”
Danitech also manufactures laboratory machines (from 5kg to 10kg) and samples machines (25kg-50kg and 100kg) as well as production machines, and with the technology developed for each of the 2 machines, it enables the same bath ratio as the production machine (1: 4-1: 5 ). This patented system does not have an equivalent in the world.
Making an indelible impression for years, Sintec has some patented innovations in chain lining, curl prevention and heating cylinders. Sintec Marketing and Sales Director Federico Panozzo said, “We are delighted to have attended the ITM exhibition. The exhibition’s results made us very happy. There was a lot of interest in our machines at the exhibition. We got customers from Turkey and especially from Iran.”