“We Didn’t Stop in Pandemic Period, We Launched Two New Products”

EFI Reggiani, which has an important place in the digital printing industry with its innovative technologies, had the opportunity to showcase its digital textile printing solutions at ITM 2022. Adele Genoni, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the company, stated that the most important gains to be obtained from the ITM 2022 visitors will be to observe the latest technologies and innovations.

“We Didn’t Stop in Pandemic Period, We Launched Two New Products”

Adele Genoni. EFI Reggiani Senior Vice President and General Manager 

Stating that 2022 was a good year for them, Adele Genoni said that they did not stop in the pandemic and that they launched 2 new products, Reggiani Bolt and Reggiani Hyper, last year. Genoni said that as a company, they focused on sustainable solutions and the ECO Terra solution, which they exhibited at the exhibition, and added: “ECO Terra, which saves water and energy consumption, contributes to making the textile industry more sustainable and has a carbon footprint in order to provide a more environmentally friendly “direct-to-fabric printing” experience. It reduces its carbon footprint.”

Genoni also emphasized that they offer a sustainable solution that avoids pre-treatment and post-treatment with less water and less energy. Saying that big brands want their customers to produce in a sustainable way, Genoni explained that they also offer this solution as a company. Emphasizing the importance of new sustainable textile printing solutions, Genoni stated that they also focused on this issue at the exhibition. Genoni said: “Visitors will be able to learn more about entry-level, mid-volume and high-volume TERRA platform presses from EFI Reggiani’s eco-friendly solutions. We also focus heavily on Industry 4.0 and integrated end-to-end digital solutions to deliver an optimized and seamless experience to customers through software innovation.”

Stating that the new generation single-pass textile digital printing machine BOLT was introduced at the fair, Genoni continued: “BOLT is the fastest single-pass printing machine in the world. Stating that they also introduced HYPER, the fastest textile scanning digital printer in the market, Genoni said, “We are very pleased with these new textile machines that we launched last September.”

EFI Reggiani products combine with some of the industry’s most advanced software innovations to simplify the transition from traditional to digital manufacturing. At the exhibition, the company’s completely renewed digital printing machine range came to the fore, providing users with advanced solutions that enable them to switch to more eco-friendly processes.

EFI Reggiani and Ritmo Sold of 2 New Reggiani BOLT at ITM 2022

EFI Reggiani and its local sales agent for Turkey, Ritmo, closed deals for two EFI Reggiani BOLT single-pass inkjet printers with a pair of Turkish customers from Bursa, Ottoman and Forte. The new printers are to be delivered later this year.

The EFI Reggiani BOLT is the fastest digital printer in the industry speeds of up to 90 metres per minute. It features high-end greyscale imaging in drop sizes from 5 to 30 picolitres, and also provides premium-quality 600×4,800 maximum-dpi resolution printing, allowing customers to address the full range of design needs. It has new features that minimise artefacts while delivering smoother gradients and greater uniformity on solid colours.

“We are truly thrilled to be back to ITM after 4 years and celebrate this return with two valuable customers like Ottoman and Forte choosing our ground-breaking EFI Reggiani BOLT,” said EFI Reggiani Senior Vice President and General Manager Adele Genoni. “We want to celebrate this success thanking our team and our long-time agent Ritmo, which aided negotiations with their great expertise. This deal confirms EFI Reggiani’s identity as trusted advisor when it comes to textile printing technology.”