“We Have Been Able to Realize Several New Projects in Turkey”

Sedo Treepoint Administration, Marketing and Production Group Manager Andreas said, “Currently, we have been able to realize several new projects in Turkey. We hope that this will continue for the next months to come.”

“We Have Been Able to Realize Several New Projects in Turkey”

Sedo Treepoint is now part of Vandewiele group, Belgium. With now more than 50 employees, the company is one of the most important automation companies for the textile industry worldwide. The company has seen steady growth over the last years. Beside headquarter in Germany, the company sales and service capacities in many countries, supported by numerous distributors and agents. Another major advantage is that Seda Treepoint has its own electronic manufacturing capacities within the group.

We talked with Sedo Treepoint Administration, Marketing and Production Group Manager Andreas Hannes, about the latest technology products developed by the company, their expectations for 2022 and their work on the Turkish market.

Andreas Hannes, Sedo Treepoint Administration, Marketing and Production Group Manager

Could you tell us about your product portfolio and usage areas? Can you talk about the major functional improvements you recently made to finishing sector? How will this benefit the textile industry?

Basically, we started 43 years ago with dyeing machine automation. Our product portfolio has expanded considerably since then: First we developed software to control these machines centrally. Today, our SedoMaster Machine Execution System (MES) is the core of several hundred textile plants worldwide. Later followed by the automation of continuous machine integration so that we can integrate the complete finishing.

ColorMaster, today’s leading system for color management in production, was another milestone. With this, we control the complete process from lab to bulk production.  Further software solutions and systems e. g. for testing and quality control, laboratory and production planning were gradually added.

Today we can integrate the complete value chain, also adding the spinning/weaving department, supported by energy management and control. All our high-quality products are designed for Industry 4.0 automation and offer many advantages for a Smart Factory.

In our long history we have realized many projects and accumulated a lot of know-how.  We can advise our customers in finding the best available solution or technology.

Which are the key factors that differentiates Sedo Treepoint from its competitors?

The wide range of products that covers the integration of the entire workshop. We integrate the complete workflow from greige to final shipment and provide solutions from machine level to ERP.

Also, the functional depth of our systems.  We support the vertical integration of other production systems, e. g. SpinnMaster or WeaveMaster, also integrating fabric inspection, traceability and many more.

Our EnergyMaster is used for the collection of energy data, that can also be used for reports, giving customers deeper insights into their real production performance relating energy to production data.

We Operate in About 90 Different Countries”

Which countries are you exporting to?

Sedo Treepoint’s big advantage is that we are exporting worldwide. We operate in about 90 different countries. If a customer has production facilities in various countries, we can provide our products and services, wherever this company produces, even when they decide to open-up workshops in other countries.

How was Sedo Treepoint performing over the last years?

Our company was marked by continuous growth in the last few years. As one of the market leaders in our field, we have worked on enlarging our worldwide presence and network. Now we have our own team members in more than 10 countries worldwide.

We are very happy with this actual situation. Currently, we have been able to realize several new projects in Turkey. We hope that this will continue for the next months to come. Of course we are now hoping that we can meet with our customer personally again soon.

Can you tell us about your expectations, goals, and new products for 2022?

We are working on different projects, for example to integrate more external machines and systems in our solutions. Only if all systems in a factory are communicating together, a Smart Factory becomes reality.

For this purpose, we have launched a production planning system (PPS) called SedoExpert, handling e.g., customer and production orders, inventory, and much more. This is supported by an automatic planning system, TMS, offering for example production simulation, planning and routings. Another highlight of our work will be the focus on a more sustainable production, accompanied by optimized processes.

“ITM is an Important Exhibition for the Textile Industry not Only in Turkey”

 The ITM, which was postponed due to the pandemic, will be held after 4 years. Could you share with us your views on the ITM Exhibition, which will bring the textile machinery industry together after such a long break?

We expect ITM will be one of the first exhibition where we can meet our customers again in person. We are very excited to say hello in person. Also, ITM has been established as an important exhibition for the textile industry not only in Turkey. For us this is an important hub to connect with customers in the region.

Do you have new products or new technologies that you are planning to exhibit at the ITM 2022?

Visitors of our booth will be able to experience our new Sedomat 6000 / 8000 controller series. They can also discover all the details of our software solutions, especially the latest SedoMaster version and why it should be the core of every Smart Factory.

Interview: Dilek Hayırlı