“We Have Seen An İncrease 130 Percent in Orders From Turkey Last Year”

Despite the pandemic, there has been an increase in the orders of Jumac, one of the leading companies in the production of spinning can. Himanshu Fogla, Director of Jumac Manufacturing Private Limited, said, “We have seen an increase of 68% in booking orders last year, as well as a 130% rise in orders coming from Turkey.”

“We Have Seen An İncrease 130 Percent  in Orders From Turkey Last Year”

Himanshu Fogla, Director of Jumac Manufacturing Private Limited


Himanshu Fogla, Director of Jumac Manufacturing Private Limited, made evaluations in our magazine for the ‘India Special Section’. Explaining the effects of the pandemic process on the textile industry, the measures taken by Jumac and its 2022 plans, Fogla gave the good news that they will launch their new products at several fairs, including the ITM 2022.

Jumac, pioneer’s in spinning can manufacturing in India, was founded in the year 1974 with a mission to deliver quality cans, catering to the jute & textile ındustry.

Jumac manufacturers high density poly ethlene (HDPE) sliver can & accessories for carding, drawing, roving , rotor & open end machines from size 250 mm to 1200 mm diameter.

Explaining that India is one of the most promising economies due to its enormous industrial potential and thriving manpower pool, Himanshu Fogla said, “The textile sector in India ranks second in terms of employment creation and economic output” said. Fogla stated that Jumac, which has been operating for nearly 50 years, has witnessed many unexpected events and managed to survive in extreme conditions.

“We Successfully Entered New Global Markets”

Fogla continued his speech as follows: “Undoubtedly, the year 2020 will go down in history as a watershed year. The sudden outbreak of Covid-19 had a significant effect on the Indian textile industry’s supply and demand dynamics. Interestingly, the pandemic had the opposite effect on the spinning industry, which saw a rebound in its economic growth.

Jumac Director Himanshu Fogla, who stated that there was an increase of 68% in booking orders and 130% in orders from Turkey in 2020, said; “Despite these challenging times, we have been successful in entering new global markets including Argentina, Mexico, Peru, and Iran, with an average of two projects per year. Apart from that, we continued to receive orders from the local markets because of pent-up demand.”

Underlining that although Jumac achieved good business expansion and profits in 2020, many Indian entrepreneurs suffered tremendous losses as a result of the lackdown, Fogla continued: “Businesses are still facing cash crunches, supply chain disruptions, and manpower problems. Thus, in this ongoing battle with the pandemic, we have made some fundamental changes to the operating system to protect our people and ensure their safety.”

“We have about seven to eight projects in the pipeline with Turkey”

Stating that they continue to be in a good position in terms of global market demand in 2021, Fogla said the following about the Turkish market. “With a rise in spinning projects being commissioned in Turkey, we are happy to announce that the country is currently showing fantastic growth. We have about seven to eight projects in the pipeline right now. Threats, however, have not yet been eliminated. Our partner M. Mustafa Celenk from Muteks has played a pivotal role in getting us established in the Turkish marketplace, and we look forward to many more successful collaborations in the future. We must say, Spinners in Turkey are knowledgeable, value-conscious, and weigh every dollar they spend. And this has been one of the major reasons for its success.

Explaining that rising input prices and spiralling freight costs are among the major concerns for the industry going forward, Himanshu Fogla said, “It is therefore important to adopt a cautious approach, given that the pandemic situation is extremely dynamic with outbreaks spreading from region to region.”

“We Will Have A Few Developments We Will Launch At ITM 2022”

Emphasizing that they plan to travel to many countries to attend exhibitions in 2022, Fogla continued as follows: “There will be several exciting developments that we will be launching during ITM 2022 and other trade shows. Although Jumac entered the Turkish market late, it has left its mark and is a favourite of value-minded spinners.”

Interview: Dilek Hayırlı