“We Made Sales from the First Day of the Exhibition”

Fong's Area Sales Manager Volker Kunzmann stated that they were pleased to attend the ITM 2022 and said, “We had a good opportunity to come together with our customers and companies from the sector. We made sales from the first day of the exhibition.”

“We Made Sales from the First Day of the Exhibition”

(From Left to Right) Volker Kunzmann, Area Sales Manager and Richard Fander, Fong’s Sales Director

The leading brands of the textile sector came together in Istanbul for ITM 2022. The participating companies also signed new collaboration on the second day of the exhibition. German origin Fong’s, which has a hundred years of experience in the field of finishing and dyeing machines, was among the participating companies.

Sales Director Richard Fander, who attended the ITM 2022 exhibition on behalf of Fong’s, emphasized that it is exciting for them to come together again after a long break caused by the pandemic. Fander said, “We had the opportunity to see the companies operating in the sector, the innovations they made in their products and the preparations they made for the exhibition.” Fander noted that the pandemic caused the supply chain in the textile industry to return from Asia to the west of the world.

Pointing out that they had problems like other companies during the pandemic, Fander reminded that their problems continue due to the fact that the Shanghai port is closed because they produce in China. Fander said: “The problems will subside over time. For example, in Germany, where our center is located, we were able to start working again as a result of the positive result of vaccination. We can see that our customers have returned to the pre-pandemic period and continue their production with the same efficiency. Now we have another set of political and geopolitical problems. But the market has moved again. I hope it will continue like this next year. ”

Volker Kunzmann, Area Sales Manager, who expressed his satisfaction with the intensive attendance and the number of visitors, stated that they were happy to be at ITM 2022. “We had a good opportunity to meet with our customers and companies from the industry.” Kunzmann said. He also noted that Fong’s has always been sensitive about energy and water consumption in its products. Kunzmann continued his words as follows: “Due to this sensitivity, we are paying attention to the fact that some of our existing machines do not have certain features, as there are machines that we have stopped production. Now the main issue is to produce products that are high protection security, eco-friendly and water-saving. I think that in the near future everyone will be more sensitive about producing eco- friendly products. Eco-friendly products not only save water and energy, but also allow the process to run more efficiently. We are all doing something for the environment.”

Volker Kunzmann, who stated that they have been selling since the first day of the fair, stated that they are trying hard to ensure that Fong’s products can find more space in the market. According to Kunzmann, who stated that many brands that previously did business with Asian countries returned to Europe, especially to Turkey, during the pandemic, the capacity of the Turkish market is growing. And this is an important opportunity for all participants.