World Giants Follow Closely Turkish Textile

Textile industry started fast to 2019. At the Premiere Vision Fair in New York, the textile industry, which has been the focus of attention of world professionals and purchasing committees, exhibited its products in two exhibitions in Paris where is the capital of fashion.

World Giants Follow Closely Turkish Textile

Total of 276 companies from Turkey participated at Premiere Vision and TeXWord which were held in Paris. Pointing out the importance of the export-based growth model and the way of getting rid of the economic troubles is with high added value export UTİB (Uludağ Textile Exporters’ Association) President Pınar

Taşdelen Engin said, “In 2018, we participated in textile fairs organized in many important countries of the world and we had one-on-one meetings with the world’s leading buyers. We started 2019 at the same speed. The aim is to increase export and export revenue.”


The Turkish textile sector, which had a busy period of preparation, took part in the Premiere Vision Fair with 174 companies and in the Texworld Fair with 101 companies.

Pointing out that both exhibitions are very important for the Turkish textile sector, UTİB President Pınar Taşdelen Engin added, “Our companies are taking place in fairs with high technology and qualified products based on R&D. The countries we once followed with admiration are now following us with admiration. This are reflected in the export figures. We export around 200 countries and regions in knitted, woven and technical textiles. As a country we reached 8.5 billion dollars in exports and 1.3 billion dollars as we UTİB. In the EU countries that stand out as the largest consumer market, we are the second supplier country after China.