Yesim Textile To Provide Employment For Thousands Of People

Yesim Textile will make a positive contribution to the national economy by increasing its export and production capacity with the employment thrust in Ağrı it will perform within three years.

Yesim Textile To Provide Employment For Thousands Of People

Starting production in 1983, Yesim Textile, manufactures today ready-to-wear and home textiles for world brands on an area of 325 thousand square meters with 144 thousand square meters closed and 181 thousand square meters open area in Bursa.

The company will increase the number of its employees in Bursa from 1,000 to 3,500. At the same time, it will support the economic progress of the region by providing employment for the Garment Production Facility, which is a part of the 3rd stage of Tekstilkent Project, which will consist of 3 stages in Ağrı.  In line with this investment, it will employ 5,000 people in the production plant in 3 years.

Providing information about the facility from where the products will be exported to the several markets in the world, Senol Sankaya CEO of Yesim Textile, emphasized that they will implement their plans for the factory to be constructed within the scope of the government incentives.

“Yesim Tekstil will continue its mission of being most trusted main supplier of the world’s brands as it was in the past. It will continue to increase its positive contribution to the country and the city economy at the same time. By the end of 2019, we will have a chance to make an important contribution to the regional employment as part of the project in Ağrı, in addition to the average employment of 1,000 people in Bursa facility. With this facility, we will reach to the amount of 16,000 employees by increasing the number of our total employee in three years.  Thus, we will have positioned ‘Made in Turkey’ logo as a brand all over the world through the dozens of brands we work with.